• Bourbon and Branch (map)

Bourbon is the official spirit of the United States and, along with the rest of the American Whiskey category is experiencing a huge resurgence in artesian production and styles. In this class we'll be focusing on Rye, Bourbon, Tennessee and other American whiskies. We'll cover the history of whiskey making in America, from The Revolution to its current renaissance. Through that lens we will see how history has changed American Whiskey and vice versa.

We aim to improve your understanding of the category by answering certain questions like:

  • What defines bourbon vs rye vs the larger spectrum of Whisk(e)y.
  • Who makes it and where?
  • What is the mashbill, and how does it effect the final product?
  • What do terms like 'sour mash', 'small batch' and 'single barrel' actually mean?
  • How do I read a whiskey bottle?

Throughout the class we will be sipping through a flight of whisky intended to expand your palate.