Agave based spirits are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood of all the spirits on any back bar. On one hand, tequila it is the main component of what is arguably THE most popular cocktail in history, the Margarita. On the other hand, when served neat, or as the more popular 'shot', it is often the most feared of all the spirits. 

Furthermore, the rapid expansion of available Tequila brands and the increased presence of the Mezcal category in the American market has only fueled misconceptions about both types of spirit.

This class serves to clear up many of the misunderstandings regarding these beautiful spirits. To do so we'll explain:
~ The defining differences between the agave spirit categories
~ How the categories have evolved over time
~ The whole process of how tequila has been made for over two centuries
~ What is Mexican government's Tequila Regulatory Council and the rules they enforce
~ We will discuss the subtle differences between tequilas and mezcal's from different parts of Mexico and explore the life of agave as it grows from rhizome to pina; and is distilled and aged from blanco to reposado, anejo and even extra anejo. 


Your instructorshave been to dozens of distilleries throughout Mexico, and have a great passion for all agave spirits.  They have  spent time in Oaxaca, and now have a much deeper perspective and appreciation for fine Mezcals. They would love to share his the wealth of knowledge with you.